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    Dongguan Defond defoamer Co, Ltd is specialized in manufacturing of industrial grade surfactants, including the defoamer, emulsifiers, penetrants, dispersants, flatting agents, antistatic agents and other chemical products.

    At present, Defond surfactant products are widely used in industrial cleaning, daily cleaning, coatings, inks, metalworking fluids, printing, paper-making, water treatment, medicine, cosmetics, water-based coatings, glass grinding, beer brewing, environmental protection and other industries and production. 

    Defond factory is located in Dongguan-China, which is known as the "World Factory". Our group center is in Songshan lake, it is headquartered in the core area of manufacturing industries in Dongguan. It not only has a superior geographical position, logistics system, an intelligent storage system, but also a large number of labors and top talents. Defond guarantees the quality of the products, as well as creates products that have more advantages than other parts of China and even other countries.

    As one of the fastest growing companies in Guangdong Province and in China's chemical industry, Defond has pursued excellence in the technology of surfactants and dared to innovate. In hardware, Defond is equipped with domestic and abroad advanced machinery and equipment, independent building for factory and research, a strong R&D team.

    Defond exports the surfactant products to many countries in the world, in order to promote better products to the world, Defond made the customers to use highly efficient and better products to achieve benefits. Our mission is to serve our customers, solve technical and production problems, and customize the best surfactant solutions for different industries.

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Mission: To create better products and improve efficiency for customers
A Leader in Elaboration Chemicals industry
  • Promote production and R&D capabilities through refinement and diversification,>Deploy global markets, marketing and service systems
  • Maintain innovation and product development
  • Get better raw materials and competitive prices
  • Streamlined production plant
  • Acess to cost-eective raw materials
  • Product diversification and extension of downs-tream production
  • Like-minded professional business team
Partnership relations and joint projects with sizable specialized companies
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    Dongguan Defond Defoamer Co.,Ltd




    YiMeiKang Industrial Park, LiaoHu Road 6, LiaoBu town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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